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Hämeenkatu 19, 3rd floor
33200 Tampere, Finland
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Weekdays 8am–7pm
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When calling you’ll always be answered by a health care professional. Contact us by calling 03 777 1700


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We wish for the booking been done primarily online or by calling. Questions, feedback or other matters can be done by e-mail


We have dentists, dental hygienists, dental nurses and medical equipment service technicians working with us at Helmiäinen. Are you interested in working at Helmiäinen? Do not hesitate to contact us at

Patient ombudsman

Every public and private health care unit has their nominated patient ombudsman. The statutory duties of a patient ombudsman are to advise and inform the patient of their position and their rights. The patient ombudsman acts to promote and implement the patient’s rights.

A patient can contact the health care unit’s patient ombudsman and receive advice on how to solve the matter in case he/she is dissatisfied with the care or treatment he/she has received.
The patient ombudsman helps the patient with solving the issue if necessary. He/she can also advise and assist the patient with filing a complaint or patient injury report.

Terhi Blomberg acts as the patient ombudsman at Helmiäinen and she can be reached by email at

It is not a part of the patient ombudsman’s duties to comment on the patient’s diagnosis or medical care. He/she will also not offer an opinion as to whether a patient injury has occurred. The patient ombudsman does not interpret patient records.

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